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About Procrastination

At times, I find myself paralyzed.

I know what I need to accomplish and I usually have at least some idea as to how to achieve my desired outcome.

But all to often, I procrastinate. I wait to the last minute to get started, only to pile a heavy load of unneeded stress, late nights and time away from what’s most important.

The thing about procrastination is that it’s driven in large part by our own fear. We stall and wait and put things off because for some deeply internal reason, we are afraid.

Maybe it’s that were afraid of disappointing those around us or even ourselves. Maybe it’s that we fear change or the unknown. Maybe we’re afraid because in the end, we’re not sure that what we are trying to achieve is the right thing to do at all.

We become paralyzed with fear, and we procrastinate.

But, you already know you can win.

You already know that when recognize procrastination, we can stop. We can take the time to look deeper within ourselves with questions that confront our fears and challenge the invisible force that is holding us back.

What are you afraid of?

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  • Michael Bowers

    I think you hit it on the head when you described it as “Paralyzed “. It’s not that we don’t want to do the project but rather like we are physically unable to tackle it until we have no other choice. Whether it is work overload, conflicting priorities or like you said fear there is something under the surface holding us back. I just discovered this year that often my procrastination is due to fear of being wrong. After I do the project it is usually correct and I feel so much better. I think to beat this it becomes an issue of being confident and trusting in your skills.

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  • nateriggs

    For me, procrastination is less about work stuff and more about the personal stuff I put off because of work stuff. I still think it’s rooted in fear…

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