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Dear Content Marketers: Find Your Niche as Fast as You Can

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If you work agency-side on the marketing industry, it’s likely that you’ve heard the name Jay Baer.

Over the past few years, Jay has does a nice job in positioning himself as a content marketer who knows the ad agency world.  He’s dazzled audiences of thousands at marketing industry conferences and events, and made his ideas tangible by giving them away for free on his blog, guest blog posts, podcasts, eBooks and keynote speeches.

As someone who has spent over 10 years on the agency side, Jay has taken a seat at the top of the game.

Marketers in the multi-family residential industry may have heard the name Mike Whaling.

Mike’s created the same type of buzz among content marketers who work to sign up new residents in residential apartment complexes. He too, speaks at industry events and even founded and moderates the industry’s most popular weekly Twitter chat. He and some friends even designed and launched a neat app that helps apartment complexes increase the number of leads they capture by integrating social media on their websites.

Because of activities like this, Mike also works with multiple apartment complexes as clients.

Just about everyone in the social media game knows that Amy Porterfield understands how to make Facebook work for small and medium-sized businesses.  She shares her knowledge at conferences, in eBooks and on a variety of webinars where she charges a fee to get access.

After starting to write for Social Media Examiner, my friend Ian Cleary has made himself known across America as being the guy who knows just about everything there is to know about all kinds of social media tools.

The funny thing is, Ian is an Irishman living with his family across the pond near Dublin.

Dear Content Marketers: Find Your Niche as Fast as You Can

It took me nearly 10 years of my career as a marketer to figure out that multi-unit retail and restaurant brands were where I wanted to play.  Since I made that decision, my career path has become much more clear and the momentum is building.

My advice?  Be smarter, and move fast.

All if the folks above have found and carved out a spot in a niche industry or vertical.  While each of these content marketers have worked to build their repertoire in digital, social media and content marketing strategy, their talents and expertise have all been pointed in different directions.

And because of this, they are all very successful.

What’s Yours?

As content marketers, the ocean ahead is very blue.  We’re in the infancy of this new shift in the marketing mentality and the niches are still plenty.

Have you found yours?  What is it?  What did you to start carving a place for your brand in that niche?

Let me know in the comments, okay?

  • Ian Cleary

    Hey Nate, thanks for the mention! It’s such a busy world online that I agree with you that a niche is really important! I hope all is great with you, would love to catch up with you soon, let’s have a call soon? Ian

    • nateriggs

      My pleasure, Ian. I think you made a smart move in your niche. Let’s definitely catch up next week or the week after. Want to find out how things have been going for you!

      • Ian Cleary

        Thanks Nate.

  • Tom Repp

    Hi Nat,

    Love your approach. You are right
    on the mark. Using the “long tail”
    concept popularized by Chris Anderson in an October 2004 Wired magazine article,
    just about any business can corner a specific niche using content marketing,
    inbound marketing…whatever you want to call it.

    Our company works with industrial
    B2B manufacturers and industrial suppliers.
    I walk through hundreds of businesses and listen to the owners’ pride
    when they talk of some industry old challenge they have successfully conquered. Literally every one of my clients have great
    success stories, that is…NICHES.

    Now we just have to get these
    industrial marketers to embrace this new channel to market.

    As you say, Nate…find your niche
    fast! If you don’t your competitor will.

    “By Tom Repp”

    • nateriggs

      Thanks for reading and offering some additional ideas, Tom. If you liked Anderson’s work, check out “Free” which is the follow up book that builds on a lot of the concepts he outlines in The Long Tail. Good thinking… : )

  • Aida Behmen Milicevic

    Nice article. I love to read your text and learn a lot from it.

    • nateriggs

      Thanks for reading, Aida! : )